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  • Mood: Rage
You should body-shame.

Recently, when I was scrolling through the comments at YouTube, on a video about social justice warriors (I hate them so much. They are right-wing people that claim to promote equality.), I saw this comment.

He/she said that since she is fat she finds other fat people gross.

Someone who replied said that it "wasn't his/her genetics" and it was "self-discipline" and that fat people have no motivation to change.

But I would definitely promote these stamps from other Deviants.
there's no excuse for your shit by BaconMagic
I'm looking at you, skinny shamers. by BaconMagic

Bullying, eww. by BaconMagic

Whether your skinny, fat, or thin, or average....don't shame people's bodies. I'm not a social justice warrior (real social justice is having a society that is just).

I'm just saying my opinion.

P.S. Too bad I don't have a picture of the comment, because it's disgusting as f--- and I really sound weak but I'm just saying my opinion, even if people see it as shit or poo. I don't care. This is my goddamn opinion about it.


United States

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